Advantages for Relocating in Ghana

  • A stable political environment, with established democratic institutions and systems to ensure good governance.
  • Abundant, adaptable, easily trainable and cost-effective labour force.
  • Excellent sea and air connections with Europe and the USA.
  • A strategic and central location within the West Africa sub-region providing access to a total market of around 250 million people.
  • A dynamic private sector willing to collaborate with foreign partners.
  • A high degree of personal safety.

Rule of Law

Investing in Ghana is very safe. Ghana’s political establishment is committed to business growth and investment, respects contract agreements and its legal regime is well equipped to adjudicate in and resolve disputes. The effect of this can be judged from the recent publication by the UK-based New World Health Research Firm that, Accra, Ghana’s capital will be the fastest growing city for millionaires by 2020, when it estimates that there will be 1,500 of them living in Accra, up from 800 in 2012.

With this wealth of opportunity, stability, favourable regulations and current state of its development, there has never been a better time to be part of the Ghana story than now.