1. Duly completed visa application forms
  2. National passport with not less than six (6) months validity
  3. Four (4) passport size photographs
  4. Invitation letter from Ghana indicating purpose of visit (for both tourism and business visas)
  5. Letter of introduction for the applicant’s work place
  6. Copy of resident permit for Senegal
  7. Copy of return ticket to Ghana
  8. Copy of Vaccination certificate
  9. Payment of visa fees

All applicants below the age of eighteen (18) years must have an authorization letter from both parents with copies of their passports as supporting documents.

NOTE: The application forms must be fully completed in capital/block letters and duly signed. Forms which are not properly completed will be rejected.

It takes 3 days (72 hours) for visas to be issued. Applicants are therefore required to deposit their applications with all the supporting documents well ahead of the proposed date of travel to Ghana.

Applicants who require expedited services will be required to pay double the amount charged for the category of visa being applied for. Expedited visas are issued within 24 hours.

The fees charged for all categories of visas are as follows:

Single visas (30 days) 30,000 CFA   60,000 CFA
Multiple entry (3 months)   50,000 CFA 100, 000 CFA
Multiple entry (6 months)  100,000 CFA 200, 000 CFA
Transit visa (24 hours) 20,000 CFA 40, 000 CFA
Transit visa (double) 30, 000 CFA 60,000 CFA