Trade and Investment

Ghana is a land of abundant opportunities. The country’s growing economy, natural resources and geographical location present a wealth of opportunities for visitors and investors. It is rich in agricultural resources, timber, gold and other valuable minerals, abundant with educated skilled labour force and enterprising people, with a stable form of government-dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and has long been seen as one of Africas most promising countries.

The main exports – gold, cocoa, diamonds, timber, manganese and bauxite – known as traditional items, are now increasingly supplemented by processed and semi-processed industrial and agricultural products with tourism as the third largest foreign currency earner after cocoa and gold.

Having adopted the World Bank’s open market reforms since the 1980s Currently, Ghana is now one of the star attractions for investment on the African continent and among emerging markets. With a well-honed investment architecture and experienced officials, Ghana is doing all it can to make investment pay off for both the investor and the local economy.

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is the agency responsible for promoting Ghana as an investment destination, and also the primary authority for information on investment opportunities in the country.