Passport Application



  1. Duly completed passport application form
  2. Evidence of citizenship:
    • Original birth certificate – (this is a requirement for all new passport applicants).
    • Old/expired passport
    • Voters ID Card
    • Ghana Card
  1. For applications for children who were born in Senegal or countries of concurrent accreditation namely The Gambia, and Cape Verde copies of the bio data page of the parent’s passport is a requirement.

The application form must be witnessed by a person in any of the under listed categories to whom the applicant is personally known:

  1. A senior clergyman
  2. A commissioned Officer of the Armed Forces (Captain and above) or persons of equivalent rank in the security services.
  3. A senior civil or public servant (Principal Executive and above)
  4. Registered medical practitioner
  5. A solicitor or barrister
  6. Head of a recognized educational institution
  7. Other recognized professionals registered with their regulating bodies

GUARANTORS: By their undertaking, the Guarantors are deemed to have agreed jointly and severally to pay all expenses that may be incurred by the government on the Applicant in the event of the Applicant being repatriated or dying abroad.

                  Passport type                                              Cost

  • 32 Page Passport                                                80,000 CFA
  • 48 Page Passport                                              125, 000 CFA